Bursting with Blues

In my constant quest to reduce my scrap pile, I hit on the brilliant idea of cutting charm squares to sell on Etsy.  I have to tell you, cutting seems to be the way to get my creative juices flowing.  I began with my blue bin, which was packed full and could accept no further donations.  No sooner had I started cutting into my scraps than quilt ideas started popping into my head.  I’ve made some notes in my Quilter’s Planner.  (If you don’t know about the Quilter’s Planner, check it out here.  I love mine, and carry it all over the place in it’s swanky denim cover.)

IMG_1287I managed to cut out several packets to list in my Etsy shop and prepare the listings on Tuesday.  I make the groups for selling like a little kid sharing candy.  One for you, two for me.  I’ll populate my shop in a few weeks, hopefully with more than one color grouping of charm squares.

Wednesday I woke up and did my usual bleary scroll through Facebook as I was preparing to get my day started.  I ran across this video.  It is Rob Appell doing his Burst quilt.  I rarely watch videos, but there is just something about a cute man sewing that stops me in my tracks.  Well, now I’m smitten.  WITH THE QUILT.

I spent the morning finishing off a few packs of batik charms, then immediately pulled all of the blues out again, pressed, and started cutting 10″ squares.  36 squares later, I cut into my piece of Kona Snow, and oops, I used it all up and didn’t have quite enough.  I found some white on white, a leftover from my Fancy Foxes quilt that will do nicely.

IMG_1292Block number one is done, and it was as easy as it seems in the video.  Now I have one completed block (which is not impressive on its own).

IMG_1291I set myself up to do chain piecing.  I cannot do one block at a time – it wastes too much time.

IMG_1304I was able to do the first step on Thursday, but my sewing time was limited.

IMG_1306Today I had a bunch of errands, and a demanding puppy who is tired of being neglected.  He has declared it to be an evening of blogging and/or hand sewing.

IMG_1307So, after about three days of stolen sewing time, I have the first step done on all of the blocks, and am ready to finish trimming them all and sew on the next pieces.  I should have something cool to show off next week.

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