Cathedral Windows

I’m back!  Life has been a little wild for the past few weeks, and I have let the blog slide for a bit.  After purchasing our new home, rushing to move in, and trying to unpack all of the boxes (which still is less than half done), I am finally able to catch my breath.  We are also dealing with the end of the school year, which involved travel for my eighth grade son and an illness, along with many end of year events.  On day four in the new house, the sewer backed up into the downstairs shower, causing two days of consternation for many people.  (I won’t share photos.  You are welcome).  Now, in the midst of considering installing a swimming pool in our back yard, we have discovered that there is already a pool back there, which was destroyed and buried.  Fun times.  Also, there has been family drama to help keep us focused on what really matters in life.

I don’t mean this to be a complaining post.  More an explanation, and a stress release.  My life is wonderful, just sometimes overly dramatic.

I have made a tiny bit of time to work on my La Passion, but progress is very slow when your hexagon’s are 1/2 of an inch long per side.

I was going to ask for help this week on figuring out how to proceed on an old WIP.  Of course, as I was typing it up, I felt stupid.  Why ask everyone how to do it when the info is probably just a Google search away?  I do know that my original inspiration most likely came from Simply Quilts.  I was a devoted viewer while it was on the air in the early 2000’s.

IMG_0993This is my cathedral windows top so far.  I have eight prepared background squares ready to add, and I am fairly certain I have more of the background fabric somewhere in my stash.  I want to see if I can get it to at least a crib size – right now it is just large enough for a wall hanging, and that isn’t really my favorite size.  I like quilts for cuddling, not just looking at.  I also have zero idea how to finish the edges, so that information will come in handy.

Cathedral Windows by machine is the first tutorial I hit on my very first Google search. It looks like the same technique, except that my spot for turning is about halfway down one seam, rather than at the center.  Also, rather than straight stitching the open folds, I folded the bases and zig zagged them together.  The straight stitch is so much smarter. The exposed zigzags on the back have always bothered me. IMG_0986Now I want to make another one with this other technique, which looks better.  Arg.  Perhaps I will just turn this one into a sofa pillow.

Well, this will have to wait just a bit longer to be finished.  But maybe I have a gorgeous sofa pillow in my future.


6 thoughts on “Cathedral Windows

  1. I hope that life continues to settle down and find a new balance for you in your new home. It sure does sound like you have had quite the adventure for the past few weeks. And much like life, I find that I have moments of like and dislike with projects; hang in there with your Cathedral Windows. I’m sure the right solution (pillow or making it larger) will come to you at the right moment.


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