Katja Marek – February blocks

I’ve gotten a little off track with this project since the first month.  I’ve pieced all four main blocks, and three are attached to their backing and batting.  Only two are complete, with the sashing corners tacked down.  All should be finished today, as long as the puppy and laundry allow it.

Block 5: Caroline


Block 6: Dolores


Block 7: Maureen


Block 8: Marena


I have noticed I am having some difficulty getting the fold lines on the sashing to line up perfectly with the hexagons.  The lack of perfection is troubling to me, but I’m trying to relax about it.  I am certain it is due to the templates being something I made, rather than purchased.

I haven’t come up with an idea for the bonus block yet.  I hope Paper Pieces decides to offer them at some point, or I will have to go ahead and make the papers myself.  Groan.

Every time I pull these out, I’m pleased all over again with how my Erte ladies look.  Now I want to go up to the studio and cut out the March and April blocks without finishing February.  Self control has never really been my thing.

Here are my January blocks.



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