Denim Stained Glass Quilt

This project has taken longer than I expected it would.  Part of it is lack of motivation – my studio is still not 100% set up, so I avoid going in there.  While I do love the look of the quilt, I’ve been a little disappointed with the quality of the pattern.  It wasn’t a huge factor, but the numbers for cut pieces weren’t accurate, and there are only cutting numbers for the smaller of the two quilts.  Sometimes I like to cut a little, sew a little, but with this project I wanted to cut it all and sew it all.  That said, I do love the quilt, so I would suggest just going over the layout you want to use, and count the pieces yourself.

imageI made some adjustments to get a size I liked.  I finished the smaller design, and I felt it was just too  small for a sofa quilt.  I did some maths, and cut up another pair of jeans.  I’m very happy with the completed top.

These are some block configurations I came up with myself.  I like lots of the small squares together.  I also would prefer more symmetry, and less randomness.

In the past I spent some time undoing stitches on jeans.  It feels like probably a waste of time versus how much more denim you get, but you can get some really groovy effects with the unfaded bits.

The backing is prepared, using up 3 pieces of flannel from my stash.  I plan on basting, quilting and binding next week.  Quilting will probably just be stitch in the ditch.  I’m not wild about free-motioning with denim, and I’m not using batting.  This will be my first quilty finish of the new year.

My denim pile doesn’t seem to have gotten any smaller, and I have the beginnings of two more denim quilts cut out.  Sigh. Denim will be on hold for a bit now – I’m bored with it.  Next I will finish off a t-shirt quilt to finish for a friend.  I think 3 years is long enough to wait.

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