Denim De-Stash: Week 3


We are back from vacation, and I have mostly shaken off the chest cold I brought back with me.  We had lots of fun in the sun, and I even found a shop that sold fabric.  I didn’t realize it was rayon until after the sales girl had cut my pieces from the roll, but it is okay.  Now I get to see how rayon pieces and washes when mixed with cottons.  Fabric shopping wasn’t a major focus for me – we’ve been going to St John in the USVI for years, and I know not to get my hopes up.  This shop was a boutique that happened to carry a few bolts of fabric.  If you are in St John, check out the Fabric Mill at Mongoose Junction.  The rayon is hand blocked batik from Bali.  The few pieces she did have were lovely, although pricey, like everything else on the island.

I found this lovely bush, and it looked great with some hexie blossoms.  If only they grew on trees…


My first week back I spent on the sofa, slowly working on my La Passion.  I did some math, and it will take me 18 1/2 years to finish at the rate I am going.  Not acceptable.  Can you believe I am less than 1/2 way done at this point?

I’m still excited about my denim progress, although I am having ideas and now want to go off in a few different directions.  This is why my room is always such a disaster, and I rarely finish stuff.  The stained glass pattern has spawned two ideas – one a Mondrian inspired piece, and the other solid color squares with scrappy sashing.  I also want to do the circle/square denim pattern.  I’m going to push myself along with the stained glass this week, and make sure I finish it before I jump off to something else.

Tuesday & Wednesday –

IMG_0398I managed to finish off one more section of the denim quilt.  I only have two more sections to go to complete the top.  Squee!  If the puppy will stop doing his gravity experiments and let me work I can definitely finish the top this week.

Thursday –

IMG_0401Second to last section finished!  One more to go.  I’ve got many of the sub units together, I just need to take a little more time to put it all together.  I do love the way it just looks better and better the bigger it gets.

Friday –

A little hand sewing was my only accomplishment today.  I was called in to do an extra delivery route for my new volunteer endeavor.  Between losing those two hours, and my housework ambitions, I’m all done.  More progress will be made on the denim next week.

This is a main reason that my sewing goes so slowly lately, along with my general lack of focus.  Have a great weekend!

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