Denim De-Stash: Week 3

We are back from vacation, and I have mostly shaken off the chest cold I brought back with me.  We had lots of fun in the sun, and I even found a shop that sold fabric.  I didn't realize it was rayon until after the sales girl had cut my pieces from the roll, but it … Continue reading Denim De-Stash: Week 3

How I Roll – EPP on the Road

This week is a travel week for the Strauser house.  (Don't worry, by the time this posts, I will be back home - security is important.)  My husband is a passionate traveler.  I love my husband, but I am a serious homebody.  My interest in english paper piecing began in part as a way to … Continue reading How I Roll – EPP on the Road

Denim De-stash: Week 1

Day 1: I did a quick sort through my pile, pulling out some pieces that had already been cut down to flat-ish pieces.  I started cutting the squares for a stained glass denim quilt.  Anything that wasn't folded flat needed to be pressed flat.  I set my timer for an hour, and got started.  At … Continue reading Denim De-stash: Week 1