Hexagonquilt La Passion

IMG_3064For the past two years I have been working on my version of Grit’s wonderful La Passion.  In November of 2013 I was trying to figure out how to finally finish off my grandmother’s flower garden that had been sitting around for many years.  I had picked it out of the UFO pile that spring, and started bringing it with me while my son attended trampoline class.  By September I needed a solution to fill the ends in, and a way to finish the edges without cutting off the hexies.  While wandering about on  Pinterest, I saw a photo of Grit’s partially finished La Passion.  It was like being struck by lightning.  You can see her original, along with the pattern information at her blog, here.  My “passion” for EPP was just firing up, and here was a woman with a masterpiece, made out of 1/2″ hexies (crazy!), and the name was absolutely perfect.

IMG_4023My grandmother’s flower garden was 1″ hexies.  I put my work into finishing my current handwork into overdrive, not wanting it to go back into the UFO basket.  I did manage to finish it, and entered it into the quilting competition at The Big E.  I won a first place ribbon, and a judge’s choice award.  I can’t wait to see what they think of La Passion.


My technique

I ordered around a thousand mylar 1/2″ hexies from Brandy’s Quilt Patterns, and decided I would jump in with a 1/2 yard assortment of purple batiks I had stashed.  I chose a light batik background that reads whitish when compared to the purples, and a bright orange piece I had several yards of.  I initially thought I would make a stash quilt, using my favorite color combination, swapping purple and orange for Grit’s blue and green.  I was able to start up full steam in December of 2013.  Friends who had called me crazy before had now run out of adjectives.  Particularly when they learned the quilt would be king sized.

Beauty loves handwork

What started out as a take-along project has now taken over most of my sewing time.  I’m finally almost to the point in the quilt where Grit was when I discovered it.

I take this quilt everywhere with me.  It has been to Europe, the Caribbean, on planes, trains and automobiles, to football, baseball, and basketball games, and anywhere else where I might be able to sit still.  Clearly, I need to be taking more photos of her in her travels.

My perfect day

If you are considering making this quilt, do it.  It is wonderful design, and there is a great support group on Facebook.  On Wednesdays we post a photo of our progress.  Knowing I will need to share my progress keeps me motivated, and seeing the great color and pattern variations is fun.  Join us!  You have nothing to lose but your time and your mind, and if you have read this far, your mind is probably already a lost cause.

8 thoughts on “Hexagonquilt La Passion

  1. I just discovered your blog from my AQS Newsletter, and I’m SO excited! Thank you for the tutorial, which I printed and will study. I’m 67, have sewn since 4th grade, began quilting 20 years ago. I attended the AQS show in Paducah in May and watched the “hexies” do their thing, so I’m ready to give it a try! I look forward to following your blog and becoming even more inspired. Thank you so much for sharing your two patterns… can’t wait to get started after Christmas… Have a wonderful holiday season!
    Fondly, Ande Odegaard


  2. I am amazed!!! It’s beautiful !!! I’m a beginner in quilting, but generally sew a lot so have quite a few fabric scraps. Was thinking to start one like that because these hexagon quilts are georgeous…. And yours is an inspiration..

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